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Talentsoft Partners with Lonsdale to Launch New Brand Positioning

Talentsoft, the European leader in Human Capital Management, has experienced significant sustained growth throughout Europe and beyond. To support their business development, as well as reflect their uniqueness and corporate vision, the startup turned scaleup partnered with Lonsdale. With its new brand positioning, Talentsoft aims to set itself as a key global player in HR and digital transformation. 

“We are extremely proud of the new brand positioning work we’ve developed with Lonsdale, which was largely centered on feedback from all our stakeholders, talents, partners, and customers alike. Our new brand identity illustrates our commitment to helping organizations transform their talent,” said Vanessa Portois Wermter, Corporate Marketing & Communications Director at Talentsoft. 

The Talentsoft brand as a strategic growth lever and a reflection of a strong vision 

The expert brand and design agency took on the project in a methodological and collaborative way, interviewing Talentsoft’s internal and external stakeholders and running workshops with top talents.  

The new positioning formulated by the agency is rooted in this central observation: in a world where disruption has become the new norm and digitalization is picking up pace, the most successful organizations will be those who transform the skills and talents of their workforce with agility and purpose.  

Together with their customers, Talentsoft aims to accelerate organizations’ talent transformation leveraging its open People@Work platform that fits seamlessly with their context, needs, and existing tech ecosystems.  

A new verbal and visual identity to embody Talentsoft’s dynamism  

The company’s corporate presentation, sales resources, and website now embody its new image. In-house training sessions were also organized to enable employees to use the new positioning and its expression and bring it to life. 

Lonsdale developed Talentsoft’s brand messaging and visual expression to showcase its new positioning across all brand communications. This new dynamic, digital brand identity truly represents Talentsoft’s strong market position, its agility, and its bold vision. People are at the heart of the brand, further showcasing Talentsoft as a committed, collaborative, and supportive partner to organizations and their employees. 

Talentsoft is nu Cegid Talentsoft

Ons open HCM-platform biedt ruime mogelijkheden op het gebied van digitale talent management, die HR & IT-leiders helpen om duurzame performance te verwezenlijken.